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Anatomy & Physiology Note Summaries

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This is a summary of some of the Anatomy & Physiology Notes.  For a complete set of notes you have to attend lectureThese outlines do not include all of the lecture material.  The outlines should help you understand the material that will be presented in class.



Subject Chapter
*Endocrine Anatomy & Histology (lab) Chapter 13
*Endocrine System: Hormones and How They Work Chapter 13
*Endocrine System: Endocrine Glands & Specific Hormones Chapter 13
*Male Reproductive System: Anatomy & Histology (lab) Chapter 22
*Organ & Tissue Layers (lab)--No Chapter


*Female Reproductive System: Anatomy & Histology (lab) Chapter 22
*Meiosis Chapter 22
*Male Reproductive System: Physiology Chapter 22
*Female Reproductive: Physiology Chapter 22
*Human Development (Lab  Component) (lab) Chapter 23
*Development (Lecture Component) Chapter 23
 *Urinary System: Anatomy & Histology (lab) Chapter 20
*Urinary System: Physiology & Urine Formation Chapter 20
*Water, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance Chapter 21
*Respiratory System: Physiology Chapter 19
*Respiratory System: Anatomy & Histology (lab) Chapter 19
*Heart: Anatomy (lab) Chapter 15
*Circulatory System: Anatomy (lab) Chapter 15
*Path of Blood Through the Cardiovascular System (Lab or Lecture) Chapter 15
Control of the Cardiac Cycle Chapter 15
Principles of Circulation Chapter 15
*Blood: RBCs (lab) Chapter 14
*Blood: WBCs -White Blood Cells & Platelets (lab) Chapter 14
*Lymphatic System: Anatomy & Histology (lab) Chapter 16
Immune System: Nonspecific Defense Mechanisms Chapter 16
Immune System: Specific Defense Mechanisms-Adaptive Immune Response Chapter 16
Digestive System: Physiology  Chapter 17
 Digestive System Anatomy:  Alimentary Canal (lab) Chapter 17
Anatomy of Digestive System:  Digestive Organs Outside the Digestive Tract (lab) Chapter 17


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