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Anatomy & Physiology I

     Note Summaries

This is a summary of some of the Anatomy & Physiology Notes.  For a complete set of notes you have to attend lecture & labThese outlines do not include all of the lecture material.  The outlines should help you understand the material that will be presented in class.

Chapter Subject
Chapter 1

Notes from lab                     

*LAB 1: Language of Anatomy: Body Regions & Cavities

Lab Safety

*LAB 2:  Language of anatomy Body Orientation & Systems

-- *Medical Terminology
Chapter 1 *Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology (Science and Homeostasis)
Chapter 2 *Energy & Matter: Chemical Basis for Life

*Chemistry: Inorganic Compounds

  *Chemistry: Organic Compounds

*Chemistry: DNA

Chapter 4 *Chemistry: Organic Compounds

*Chemistry: DNA


Notes from Lab:                             

 *LAB 3 Microscopes

Chapter 5

Notes from Lab:  

*LAB 4 Tissues:  Epithelial Tissue

*LAB 5 Tissues:  Connective Tissue
Chapter 3

*Cell Membranes & Movement Through Membranes

*Cells, Organelles, and Mitosis

Chapter 6 *Integumentary System
Chapter 7

Notes from Lab                               

LAB 6 First Skeletal Lab

*Skeletal Features

*Skull Anatomy

LAB 7 Second Skeletal Lab

*Pectoral Girdle & Arm Anatomy

*Pelvic Girdle & Leg Anatomy

LAB 8 Third Skeletal Lab

*Vertebrae and Thoracic Cage Anatomy

Chapter 7

*Skeletal System: Bone Structure & Development

Chapter 8 Movement 


Chapter 9

Anatomy of a Muscle

Action Potential (see chapter 10)

Stages of a Muscle Contraction

Metabolism  (see chapter 4)

Muscles:  Twitch & Load

Chapter 9

Notes From Lab            

LAB 9 First Muscle Lab

Naming Muscles

Anatomy of Muscles:  Head and Neck

Anatomy of Muscles:  Shoulder & Arm

LAB 10 Second Muscle Lab

Anatomy of Muscles:  Vertebrae & Abdomen

Anatomy of Muscles:   Pelvis & Leg 

Muscle Tissue Types 

Chapter 10 Neurons
Chapter 11

Notes From Lab

LAB 11 Nervous System Lab 1

 Central Nervous System:  Brain

LAB 12 Last Lab

Peripheral Nervous System: 

Chapter 12

Special Senses


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