OAWAC Contributors


OAWAC is grateful for the contributions and support of the following groups and individuals:

Brescia University
Green River Area Development District
Hampton Inn
Kentucky Wesleyan College
Owensboro Community and Technical College
Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer
Public Life Foundation of Owensboro

Gary Adams
Rodney Berry
Charles and Jonelle Boteler
Bruce and Charlotte Burton
Dan Bradshaw
Stephen Carden
Bill Conroy
Jay Corbett
Rebecca Eggers
Wendell Ford
Bob Graham
Dan Griffith
John and Marjorie Hager
Larry Hager
Fr. Larry Hostetter
Hervey Howell
Elizabeth Maltby
Lorie Maltby
Marc Maltby
Carol Mark
Sandra Obilade
Tony Obilade
Beverly and Burley Phelan
Vaughn G. Sanders, O.D.
Jiten Shah
George Skiadas

and all of our members!