BlackBoard Instructions

Getting Started

This tutorial is designed for use by OCTC faculty as a result certain instructions will apply only to OCTC faculty.


A.  The KCTCS BlackBoard website can be found at:

B.  Sign on using your PeopleSoft/E-Mail logon and password


C.  In order for courses to be listed in BlackBoard  they must be coded in PeopleSoft as web enhanced  Department secretary's can list a course as web enhanced.

D.  Web enhanced courses will appear when you sign in.

E.  Classes will initially be listed a unavailable.  This setting means that the class is unavailable for students.  It is available to work with.

            Once a student has registered for a web enhanced class the class will be listed when they enter BlackBoard.

F.  These classes are referred to as SHELLS because they are just empty shells.  Once you have filled the SHELLS you can make them available for students.

G.  Click on the course that you want to work with.  In this case it will be BIO 295

             This class has not been built yet so the shell is empty.

H.  On the left side there is a link for control panel

I.  Only the instructor has access to the control panel