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Ecosystem In A Bottle




Bottle Ecosystem

  • 2-2 liter bottles per student

  • One bottle cap

  • Nail to put hole in bottle cap

  • Hammer

  • 1 Strip of fabric per student

  • Scissors

  • Markers

  • Water

  • Soil

  • Shovels

  • Pea plants or pea seeds

  • Clear duct tape

  • Elodea (pond plant)


bottle ecosystem

Garden Necklace

  • Microtubes
  • Cord cut to 12 inch lengths
  • Seeds
  • A drop of water or a little dirt


microfuge tube


Bottle Ecosystem

bottle cuts bottle assembly
  1. Go out side and collect soil.

  2. Have students mark the bottles before cutting

  3. Have them cut the top off of 1 bottle

  4. Have them cut the bottom off of another bottle

  5. Have them hammer a hole in one of the caps and thread the wick through

  6. Put to the cap on the top of the bottle that they removed the bottom from

  7. They need to fill up the bottom of the bottle with water

  8. Insert the top of the bottle with the cap upside down in the other bottle

  9. Tape the bottles together

  10. Fill the top of the bottle with dirt

  11. Add seeds or pea plants

  12. Use the remaining bottle top as a lid

  13. By adding pollution factors to the ecosystem the student can analyze the affects on the environment.

Wearable Garden

  1. Put a seed and a drop of water in a microfuge tube

  2. Tie the tube to a string

  3. A variety of seeds can be used if they are available






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