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GAMES  A game about saving the environment that picks on McDonald's  Change the sea levels and watch what happens.  Natural selection at work. Pick the color of the bugs so they survive  (There are more games under evolution)

ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS   Audubon Environmental Defense Fund  Friends of the Earth  Greenpeace National Geographic Society National Resources Defense Council National Wildlife Federation Roots and Shoots: A Jane Goddall program  Sierra Club's web site The Nature Conservancy  United Nations Environmental Progra World Wildlife Fund World Resources Institute World Watch Institute World Wildlife Fund

GENERAL ECOLOGY SITES  Environmental consulting company  Covers a variety of issues that are in the news NASA displays satellite images of deforestation, wildfires, storms, oil spills, desertification, and air pollution  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration The Environment: a Global Challenge

AIR POLLUTION, OZONE DEPLETION & CLIMATE CHANGE National Center for Atmospheric Research  The US EPA Office of Air and Radiation  The science of ozone depletion EPA on ozone depletion EPA Climate Change Site National Academy of Sciences global warming site Effects of climate change

BIODIVERSITY A great deal of information on a variety of organisms.  It includes both endangered and extinct species. List of invasive species Global Issues:  Biodiversity Encyclopedia of Earth Conservation International:  Biodiversity Hot Spots Global Issues: Loss of Biodiversity and Extinctions GreenFacts Scientific Facts About Biodiversity

BIOMES & ECOSYSTEMS   Deserts: Geology and Resources  Gaia Forest Conservation Archives  The Dust Bowl University of California School of Paleontology: The World's Biomes World's Biomes


ENERGY  Fossil Energy Web Network  American Petroleum Institute  American Wind Energy Association  Industry position on coal Environmental Issues of coal use

EVOLUTION  Darwin on-line.  Everything that has was ever published by Darwin and than some  Current and classic articles focusing on human origins  Evolution challenge Evolution battleship  Evolution Jeopardy  Genetic origins: The study of DNA begins with your DNA  History of the eugenics movement

FOOTPRINT Ecological Footprint Quiz. This site gives you a little avatar that walks back and forth as the site adds up your scores. Global Footprint Network Ecological footprint.  What is your ecological footprint?  Zero carbon footprint.  Includes a calculator  Carbon Footprint calculator from British Petroleum.  Carbon footprint

FOOD RESOURCES  United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization  Plant genome labs:  Detect genetic engineering

OCEANS, MARINE ENVIRONMENTS & MARINE LIFE The Cousteau Society  Coral Health Monitoring Page  Mangrove Replenishment Initiative Ceolacanth's (There is even a virtual web cam)  Tagging of Pacific Predators.  They race sea turtles.

POPULATION  Uses satellite imagery, video to explore issues of overpopulation  Zero Population Growth  United Nations Fund for Population Activities  INS Home Page   Population reference bureau Population education

SUSTAINABLE LIVING   The new suburb Earth Easy Sustainable Living Metro People. Places. Open Spaces Links to sustainable livingn

WATER  Water wiser  Calculates water usage Water resources in the U.S. California water resources American Water Resources Association The World's Water World Water Council

WASTE DISPOSAL & RECYCLING  Zero waste movement  Ways of limiting waste.  With an emphasis of reducing holiday waste Waste disposal article EPA Waste Disposal EPA Municipal Solid Waste EPA Reduce, Reuse, and  Recycle Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Your Spot for Recycling


When you are researching start at the library. They have a great assortment of journals on a variety of subjects. In addition, they have a great database. However, sometimes you can only preview abstracts. You need the whole article for your current event. Remember just because an article is on the database does not make it relevant to your subject.

This is an excellent source of information. You need a password to enter the databases. The password is your KCTCS log-on and password

bulletGo to FIND ARTICLES (top line)
bulletPick a DATA BASE.  A data base is not a journal.  It is a search engine. So saying something is from ProQuest is like saying it is from GOOGLE or YAHOO.
bulletClick on the name of the database.
bulletGale (Infotac)

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