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Anatomy & Physiology II

Study Guides & Interactive Activities

How to Survive in Anatomy & Physiology
Endocrine Glands
Interactive Actions of Hormones

Endocrine: Hormones

Interactive:  Glucose Metabolism for the Endocrine System

Interactive: Stress Response

How to Study the Endocrine System
Endocrine Flow Charts
Male Reproductive Anatomy
Male Reproductive Anatomy: Function
Female Reproductive Anatomy
Menstrual Cycle
Urinary Anatomy

Interactive Vascular System of the Kidney

Interactive Juxtaglomerular Apparatus

Diameter of Blood Vessels of GFR

NaCl Gradient in the Loop of Henle
Respiratory Anatomy
Respiratory System:  Respiratory Volumes
Respiratory System:  Gas Laws
Respiratory System:  Hemoglobin Affinity
Respiratory System:  Gas Exchange

Interactive Gas Exchange

Cardiac Anatomy

Interactive Anatomy of the Heart

How Cardiac Valves Function

Interactive Overview of Pulmonary and Systemic Circulation

Circulatory System:  Total


Cardiac & Pulmonary


Abdominal Organs

Principles of Circulation

Interactive Electrocardiogram

Interactive Red Blood Cells

Interactive White Blood Cells

Blood Cells

Blood Types and Transfusions

Interactive Blood Groups

Lymphatic Anatomy

Interactive Antigen Presentation B and T Cells

Interactive Acquired Immunity

Interactive Host Defense

Digestive Anatomy

Carbohydrate Digestion

Study Mneumonics

Study Guides for Lecture Tests


Test 1: Endocrine & Reproduction

Test 2: Urinary, Electrolyte and pH Balance

Test 3: Respiratory and Cardiovascular

FINAL Cumulative + Digestive & Lymphatic

Study Guides for Practicals


Practical 1:  Endocrine & Reproduction

Practical 2: Urinary, Respiratory, Heart & Circulatory

Practical 3:  Blood, Lymphatic & Digestive

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Unless otherwise stated all anatomy graphics in the Study Guides came from

Marieb; Human Anatomy & Physiology 5th edition, Benjamin Cummings, San Francisco 2001  &

Sheir, Butler, & Lewis Hole's Human Anatomy 10th edition McGraw Hill, Boston 2004

Animation is supplied by hotbar.com