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Male Reproductive System

Internal structure of the testis

Connective tissue component

tunica albuginea

Tube System

Seminiferous tubules

Sperm production by epithelial cells

tubulus rectus

Convergence of seminiferous tubules; transport of sperm

rete testis

Network of tubes which collects sperm


sperm storage; most maturation of sperm occurs here

ductus deferens

(vas deferens)

transport of sperm during ejaculation


transport of sperm during ejaculation and urine


Reproductive Genitalia

Male Reproductine Anatomy

External genitalia

Internal genitalia
penis testes
 scrotum ejaculatory duct
 bulbourethral gland,

 prostate gland

seminal vesicle
 urinary bladder

The urinary bladder isnít part of the reproductive system, but know its relationship to the reproductive structures.

Spermatic Cord