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Anatomy & Physiology I

Study Guides & Interactive Learning Activities

How to Survive Anatomy & Physiology
Body Organization

Body Directions

Interactive Body Terminology

Interactive Relative Position

Interactive Regional Body Parts

Interactive Body Directions and Abdominal Regions

Interactive Body Cavities

Feedback Systems

General Chemistry

Interactive Chemical Reactions

Organic Chemistry

Interactive Carbohydrates

Interactive Lipids

Interactive Proteins

Interactive Protein Synthesis


Cell Organelles

Interactive Cell Organelles

Movement Across A Membrane

Interactive Cell Membrane

Interactive Passive Transport Diffusion

Interactive Passive Transport and Facilitated Diffusion

Interactive Osmosis

Interactive Active Transport

Interactive Phagocytosis

Cell Mitosis

Interactive Cell Cycle


Interactive Tissue Identification

Tissues:  Epithelium 

Interactive Nervous and Epithelial Tissues

Tissues: Connective

Interactive Muscle and Connective Tissues

Interactive Integumentary System
Anatomy of Skeletal System:

Skeleton:  Skull

Skeleton:  Pectoral & Arm

Skeleton:  Pelvic & Leg

Skeleton:  Vertebrae & Ribs

Interactive Appendicular Skeleton

Interactive Axial Skeleton:  Skull and Rib Cage

Interactive Vertebral Column

Types of Movement

Interactive Movement

Classification of Joints

Interactive Joint Classification

Interactive Muscle Structure

Interactive Muscle Cell Contraction

Anatomy of the Muscular System:

Muscle List

Muscle Table

Muscles of the Head

Muscle of the Neck & Vertebrae

Muscles of the Abdomen

Muscles of the Respiratory System

Muscles of the Pectoral Girdle & Arms

Muscles of the Pelvic Girdle & Legs

Interactive Superficial Muscles

Interactive Muscle and Connective Tissues

Nervous System:

Interactive Unipolar and Multi Polar Neuron

Interactive Neuromuscular Junction

Interactive Upper and Lower Motor Neurons

Interactive Knee-Jerk Reflex Response

Anatomy of the Brain 

Interactive Brain Development

Interactive Neural Physiology and Synapses

Anatomy of the Cranial Nerves

Interactive Cranial Nerves

Anatomy of the Spinal Cord

Interactive Spinal Cord Tract (Up)

Interactive Spinal Cord Tracts (Down)

Anatomy of the Peripheral Nerves

Interactive Autonomic Nervous System:  The Sympathetic Division

Interactive: The Sense of Sight

Interactive: The Sense of Hearing

Interactive Ear Anatomy

Interactive: The Sense of Smell

Interactive: The Sense of Taste

Study Mneumonics

Test 1  
Test 2  
Test 3  


Language of Anatomy, & Epithelial Tissues  
Connective Tissues & Skeletal System 
Muscular System & Brain 


Anatomy graphics came from

Marieb; Human Anatomy & Physiology 5th edition, Benjamin Cummings, San Francisco 2001


Sheir, Butler, & Lewis Hole's Human Anatomy 10th edition McGraw Hill, Boston 2004

Animation is from hotbar.com