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Skeletal Anatomy: Pectoral Anatomy is also covered in lab 7


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Skeletal Anatomy: Pelvic Girdle and Legs



Differences Between the Male and Female Pelvis

pelvic girdle



flared ilium

straight ilium

greater angle on the public arch

smaller angle on the pubic arch

wide pelvic cavity

narrow pelvic cavity


I). Pelvic Girdle

2 coxal or coxa (hip bones) unite with the sacrum.


(sacrum is part of vertebrae)

coxa single bone

  coxae plural


How to determine left and right coxa:

Line up the position of the femur. The femur attaches to the acetabulum so that structure faces inferior lateral.



medial view of the coxae


lateral view of the coxae


Medial View

Lateral View

A). ilium
bullet sacroiliac joint
bullet iliac crest
bullet iliac fossa

1.  anterior

bullet anterior superior iliac spine
bullet anterior inferior iliac spine

2.  posterior (gluteal surface)

bullet posterior superior iliac spine
bullet posterior inferior iliac spine
bullet greater sciatic notch












B). ischium
bullet ischial spine
bullet ischial tuberosity
bullet obturator foramen

C). pubis or pubic bone

bullet symphysis pubis joint
bullet pubic arch
bullet acetabulum


II). Thigh  

This is a great graphic but do not ever call the femur the "thigh bone"

A.   Femur

1). proximal end


Head of the femur l


Greater trochanter


Lesser trochanter

2). distal

bulletlateral & medial condyles
bulletlateral & medial epicondyles
bulletpatellar surface

How to determine left and right femur:

The head must be medial and the patellar surface anterior




B). patella

A sesamoid bone



III). Lower Leg  

This is also a great graphic but do not ever call the tibia the "shin bone"

A). tibia

bulletanterior crest

1). proximal

bulletmedial & lateral condyles
bullettibial tuberosity

2). distal

bulletmedial malleolus
bulletfibular notch

How to determine left and right tibia:

 Face the tuberosity anterior and the malleolus medial (toward the inside of the leg)

B). fibula

bullet lateral malleolus


IV). Ankle & Foot

A). Tarsals

bulletmedial cuneiform
bulletintermediate cuneiform
bulletlateral cuneiform


bones of the foot
B). Metatarsals

Labeled 1 to 5 medial to lateral starting at the big toe.

C). Phalanges

Labeled 1 to 5 medial to lateral starting at the big toe.

bulletproximal phalanx
bulletmedial phalanx
bulletdistal phalanx


bones of the foot

Color key:

All bones are listed in red.

All features that the student is required to know for the practical are listed in blue

Methods to distinguish the left bone from the right bone are listed in purple.


skeleton falling from:  http://www.rpg-project.com/pages/povani.htm