1. Describe the plot structure in the story. How is the arrangement of the plot elements effective? At which points were your expectations as a reader overturned?

2. How does the story generate suspense? Which developments of the plot help to increase the suspense?

3. How do minor characters like Loretta Bird and Mrs. Peebles help advance the plot? What else do they add to the story?

4. Is Edie a sympathetic character? How does her status as "the hired girl" affect the way you respond to her as a reader?

5. Evaluate Chris Watters as a potential husband for Edie. Does her evaluation of him differ from the reader's?

6. The title "How I Met My Husband" suggests a reminiscence told from a much later, more mature vantage point. Can you detect the voice of an older, wiser Edie who is distinct from the young girl working for Dr. and Mrs. Peebles?

7. Discuss the role of Alice Kelling in advancing the plot and in the story as a whole. Could she be described as the antagonist? Why or why not?

8. Discuss the effectiveness of the surprise ending. How does Carmichael differ from Chris Watters? Can it be argued that the surprise ending is also inevitable and appropriate?