Justification Essay


In the justification essay, you must convince the reader that your proposal should be enacted—it focuses on “Why We Should Do This.” It has a straight-forward structure:


I. Briefly state the claim

II. Present and Develop Reasons

A.  Reason 1 presented and developed

            B.  Reason 2 presented and developed

            C. Reason 3 presented and developed

            D. Further Reasons presented and developed


Develop the Stated Reasons (the “because” clauses from the hypothesis) supporting your proposal claim. In the hypothesis I asked you to provide at least three reasons (you may use more), one each from (a) category/principle, (b) from consequence, and (c) from resemblance. Your goal is to appeal to the value system of the audience by showing how the proposed action (a) is within the class of things that the audience already values, (b) will lead to consequences desired by the audience, or (c) is similar to something the audience already values (or will alleviate something the audience disvalues).


Present and support each reason (including its corresponding warrant and backing). Usually each reason is developed in its own paragraph or se­quence of paragraphs. When a paragraph introduces a new reason, state the reason directly and then support it with evidence or a chain of ideas. Along the way, guide the readers with appropriate transitions.


Basic Criteria

            Minimum length is 1000 words

Cite at least three sources (one must be non-electronic) different from the ones you used in the Problem/ Solution paper (you may use as many additional sources as you wish, including those from the other paper)

            Use parenthetical references (and attributive tags) within the text of the essay

            Attach a works cited page

            Incorporate summary, paraphrase, and direct quotation