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Muscles of the Chest and Arm Crossword
muscles of the arm crossword

8. Supinates the forearm
9. Prime mover of the arm for flexion, rotates and adducts
10. Prime mover of arm abduction
13. Protates forearm
14. Stabilizes, raises, retracts, and rotates scapula
16. Act together to retract the scapula
18. 2-headed muscles that flexes elbow & supinates forearm.
19. Medially rotates; adducts humerus.
24. Flexes the fingers
1. Extends and adducts the wrist.
2. Synergist to forearm flexion  and stabilizes the elbow.
3. Draws scapulas forward and down or rib cage superiorly
4. Powerful forearm extensor; antagonist of flexors
5. Powerful flexor of the wrist and abducts hand
6. Extends the fingers
7. Prime mover of the arm for extension, pulls the arm down for a power stroke.
11. flexion and adduction of humerus
12. Extends and abducts the wrist.
15. Pronates forearm.
17. Holds head of humerus in glenoid cavity; stabilizes and rotates laterally
20. Prime mover to protracting and rotating the scapula
21. Powerful flexor of the hand; adducts hand and stabilizes wrist
22. Flexor of wrist, adducts hand and stabilizes wrist.	
23. Major forearm flexor

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