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Integumentary System

integumentary histology integumentary system
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Layers of the skin

The hypodermis is the deepest layer, the dermis is the middle layer and the epidermis is the most superficial layer

integumentary integumentary
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Layers of the Epidermis

stratum basale; stratum spinosum;  stratum granulosum; stratum lucidum & stratum corneum

integumentary system integumentary system
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 Hair Follicle

Hair follicles start in the hypdermis.

integumentary system integumentary system
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Sweat Gland

This is a simple coiled, tubular gland

integumentary system integumentary system
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Finger Tip With Nail

NF= Nail fold; NB= Nail bed; N= nail proper

integumentary system integumentary system
Pacinian corpuscle




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